What does USA Quickprint Do? (Part 2)

What does USA Quickprint Do? (Part 2)

Last week we discussed what offset printing is and mentioned other types of methods of printing that USA Quickprint uses to produce printed products. If you have not had the opportunity to check out that post, I recommend it: What does USA Quickprint Do? (Part 1).

This week the topic is digital printing. What is digital printing? Xerox does a great job defining digital printing, “Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates (paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.). There is no need for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing” (Xerox, 2022). For example, when you open a word document or email and print this file to your desktop printer, that is digital printing. It is the process of printing directly from a computer to a printer. USA Quickprint uses high production digital printers, such as copiers, inkjet printers and laser printers, to digitally print several different products. Booklets, brochures, business cards, calendars, copies, coupons, doorhangers, envelopes, flyers, forms, invitations, mailers, menus, newsletters, postcards, programs, rack cards, signs, and tickets are all common digitally printed products we produce. Digital printing is beneficial for smaller quantities and for items needed quickly.

I found two videos this week to help you understand what digital printing is. The first video discusses offset printing vs digital printing: Offset vs Digital Printing. What are they?

The second video is an ad for a type of digital printer that is common in the printing industry showing the process of digital printing: HP Indigo Printing Technology | Indigo Digital Presses | HP. Keep in mind that this is just one process for digital printing. Just like when you pick out an inkjet printer or laser printer for home use, there are different processes and equipment for high production digital printers.

Hometown Feel

Did you know that USA Quickprint was born in Canton, Ohio in 1984?

With a great community supporting USA Quickprint, and a strong brand, the company expanded to five locations over the years. With the internet and FREE local delivery, the need for multiple locations was lost. Today there is only one USA Quickprint… located in Canton, Ohio. A lot of people think our company is a franchise or that we are part of many scattered throughout the USA. However, we are a locally owned and family operated business that services many different companies throughout the United States with the majority of our customers right here in Canton, Ohio, where it all started.

Supporting our Hometown

It is important to us to support our community. When possible we select vendors in Canton first. To name a few: Canton Sterilized Wiping Cloth, Graphic Enterprises Office Solutions, M Conley Company, and even recycling with Canton Sanitation.

With Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival approaching we wanted to spruce up our front foyer area supporting our Hometown. Alex and Carrie collaborated to come up with a concept that Alex brought to life. The mural was printed on removable wall graphic media with eco-solvent inks.