What does USA Quickprint Do? (Part 3)

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed two types of printing that USA Quickprint specializes in: offset printing and digital printing. If you have not had the opportunity to read these posts, you should! What does USA Quickprint Do? (Part 1) and What does USA Quickprint Do? (Part 2)

This week… it is all about Large Format Printing! Large Format Printing, also sometimes referred to as Wide Format Printing, is a type of digital printing that produces products that are too big to be produced on your home printer or even on high production copiers. USA Quickprint considers anything larger than 12” x 18” to be large format. Other attributes about large format printing, other than size, is media and ink. Media and inks used for Large Format Printing are typically more durable than offset and other digital printing methods and great for many outdoor uses. For example, banners, decals, parking lot signs, and yard signs are the popular outdoor products USA Quickprint produces using Large Format printing. We also produce indoor point of sale (POS) signage, posters, blueprints, and canvas prints.

Recently we upgraded our 52” inkjet printer and had to bring it through the window to get it upstairs. Big equipment for big jobs! Check out the video below!

Also, I found a video that gives a great example of what digital printing is, How It’s Made: Digital Printing, and it also shows some Large Format Printing in action.

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